Integrations and Automations for Real Estate

Integrate all your data from internal systems like ERPs and property management tools, to external sources like your construction general contractors, getting a complete view of all the data in your real estate portfolio.

An illustration of Aquifer's bi-directional data flow. Data flowing out of data sources into a database and then flowing  out of the database back into those data sources.

Automate and Streamline

Take advantage of Aquifer's ability to sync data bi-directionally between your tools. This means you can make a change in one source, and have it automatically update one or more other sources.

Analyze & Report

Once your data is flowing into a database, you'll be free to leverage your Business Intelligence (BI) solutions to start generating reports and dashboards for your team.
Create operational dashboards to track the projects in your portfolio
Monitor operations for your portfolio of commercial or residential properties
Evaluate historical project data
BI tools (Excel, Tableau, and Power BI) connected to a database of data controlled by Aquifer.
Illustrating 3 aquifer accounts that are interconnected

Data Exchange

The data for all of your projects in one place, regardless of the software used by general contractors from your individual projects
Data exchange is between Aquifer accounts securely sharing data. Aquifer guest accounts can be used to get data from your contactors and other partners or stakeholders.
Push data back to general contractors like owner site inspections.

Use Cases for Real Estate

Combine data from multiple systems into one unified project view.
Project Health Scorecard
Create a unified health scorecard that shows all stakeholders how the project is progressing in real-time.
Sync Permit Status with Field Inspections in Procore
Pull from public data permit data sources, like the NYC Department of Buildings DOBNow dataset. Create a Procore inspection with sections for each permit, and the requirements as items to be marked as Pass/Fail or N/A.
Merge your safety reporting with your project management system to form a holistic Project Scorecard. Communicate changes to your safety policy that impacts your insurance premiums.
Cost and Change Management
Transform and sync cost and change data with your your ERP & Accounting systems. Set up alerts and validations to prompt your users in the field to make changes that will keep their data compatible with your accounting process.
Extract Data from Procore into the Snowflake Data Cloud
Together, the integration between Procore and Snowflake can help construction companies gain insights into their data, make informed decisions, and use the data to push updates to other software tools.
Single Source of Truth
Centralize project data from multiple sources into one single source of truth. Gain control over how the data is organized and communicated based on your organizations processes.

The Aquifer Difference

Combining all your source data into one cloud data warehouse provides a single source of truth for your data, reducing the risk of inconsistencies and errors that can arise when using multiple data sources.
Aquifer is the only tool on the market that lets data flow in and out across all of your applications.
Data Quality
By identifying and correcting data errors and inconsistencies, a data warehouse can improve the accuracy and reliability of the data being synced with other tools.

Transform the way you work

Data should flow seamlessly across your business. It's time we make data more accessible for the people who need it most.
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